Through the years, I have had the opportunity privilege to learn and grow in my understanding in what it means to worship God. I do not claim to be an expert on the topic of worship, but through the study of Scripture and great resources from godly teachers, writers, and ministries, God has used these to show me truths from His Word about the wonder and glory of God and worshiping Him. I have tried to incorporate those into a framework for leading worship teams and leading congregations in worship. My goal is that any resources referenced here would be true to Scripture and helpful in leading and building up the church. There are many resources offered by other ministries that are very helpful on this topic. I have included links to some of those resources as well.

Scripture on Worship

Scripture is full of calls, commands, and invitations to worship God. The more we read the Word, the more we will come to realize that worship is less about what we do and more about who we are. It is about who we are in Christ and that we have been called out by God, redeemed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and set apart for the glory of God and praise of His name. We can serve, engage in endless rituals, perform endless good works, and still not truly know or worship God.

As the apostle Paul says in Romans 12, worship is an act of our entire lives. It is who we are every moment of the day. It is offering ourselves to God as a living sacrifice, to use us for His glory and purposes. We are called not to be conformed to the ways of this world, but to be transformed into the image of His Son. Worship is so much more than singing a song or attending a weekly service. It is about treasuring and pursuing Christ above all things. May we all long to be true worshipers and not just go through the motions.

Resources for Worship Ministry

The articles and resources linked below address foundational principles related to worship ministry in the church. In addition, I have linked to resources that I have found helpful for addressing both the practical and spiritual issues related to music and worship leading ministry in the church.

Disclaimer regarding external resources: I may not necessarily endorse or agree with all content or concepts on the external sites and resources listed below, but have generally found them to reliable and helpful for worship ministry.